18HG20 20° 18-inch Honeycomb Grid 18HG20 20° 18-inch Honeycomb Grid 18HG20 20° 18-inch Honeycomb Grid
20° Grid for the OMNI™
Part Number: 18HG20
Price: $79.95

20° Grid for the OMNI™ Reflector

  • 20° honeycomb grid for the OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector
  • narrows the beam spread to 20°
  • snaps inside the reflector's recessed outer lip
  • can be used with or without the OMNI18R’s included diffusion sock
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty
The 20º honeycomb grid for the OMNI18R OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector takes the reflector’s beam spread down to 20” and can be used directly on the reflector, with or without the reflector’s supplied diffusion sock in place. The grid snaps into the recessed outer lip of the reflector alone or on top of the diffusion sock. When used directly on the OMNI™ reflector, the grid and reflector are ideal for high output, Hollywood-style selective lighting with superior spill control and isolation. For close-in mood lighting, place the grid over the triple layer diffuser to further reduce the output and achieve high fall-off, high contrast low key lighting effects. The grid reduces the light output another 2/3f stop, allowing even closer placement at wide-open apertures without the “dark center” that is typical with beauty dishes.

At ten feet, the expected output of the OMNI18R with the grid is f8+3/10 (ISO 100, 640 Ws) with the reflector’s diffuser in place. Without the diffuser, the expected output at 10 feet with the grid is f22+6/10 (ISO 100, 640 Ws).

The grid snaps directly into the recessed outer lip on the reflector. When mounting the grid, leaving the tab (with the beam width size label) sticking out allows you to use the tab to pull the grid out of the reflector when you are ready to remove it.

Grid Compatible Reflector Beam Spread with Grid Coverage at 1-foot Distance Coverage at 5-foot Distance Coverage at 10-foot Distance
HG10 7AB/R or UMF 10° 6 inches 12 inches 24 inches
HG20 7AB/R or UMF 20° 12 inches 24 inches 48 inches
HG30 7AB/R or UMF 30° 18 inches 36 inches 72 inches
HG40 7AB/R or UMF 40° 24 inches 48 inches 96 inches
8.5HG15 8.5HOR 15° 15 inches 19.5 inches 37.5 inches
8.5HG30 8.5HOR 30° 19.5 inches 37.5 inches 73.5 inches
11HG15 11LTR 15° 17.5 inches 22 inches 40 inches
11HG30 11LTR 28° *** 22 inches 40 inches 76 inches
18HG20 OMNI18R 20° 23 inches 36 inches 59 inches
22HG15 22HOBD 15° 28.5 inches 33 inches 51 inches
22HG30 22HOBD 30° 33 inches 51 inches 87 inches
ABRHG20 10ABR/R 20° 15 inches 27 inches 51 inches
GS1 7AB/R 18° 10.5 inches 21 inches 42 inches

Note: The coverage measurement is the diameter (in inches or feet) of the beam circle.

*** with the 11HG30 in the 11LTR reflector, the grid maintains the same beam spread, but eliminates light spill outside of the 28º pattern
Our OMNI™ honeycomb grid is designed for use with the OMNI18R OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector, used with or without the reflector's included diffusion sock (placed over the sock with used together). It may not be used with any other reflector.