22-inch High Output Beauty Dish 22-inch High Output Beauty Dish Diffusion Sock 22-inch High Output Beauty Dish
White High Output Beauty Dish
Part Number: 22HOBD-W
Price: $79.95

  • 22-inch diameter, bright white reflector
  • highly efficient source for bright output
  • produces a wide 130° beam spread
  • includes optional direct-light blocker
  • includes translucent white diffusion sock
  • may be used with grids (sold separately)
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty
Note: We're sorry, UPS considers the 22-inch High Output Beauty Dish to be an “oversized” item, which causes higher shipping charges.

The 22-inch High Output White Beauty Dish creates a bright, highly-efficient light source, similar to that of the silver dish, but with a softer finish. The white dish produces smooth skin tones and even coverage that could normally only be achieved on the silver dish by adding the diffusion sock. With a beam spread of 130° without the use of the included diffusion sock, the white beauty dish is great for indoor portraits to create warmer skin tones, or for diffusing hot spots that might occur on shimmery fabrics or reflective surfaces.

The reflector arrives with an optional direct-light blocker. Direct light from the flashtube is blocked, allowing only bounced light from the reflector to fall on the subject. This reduces the degree of reflections from shiny “specular” objects.

For even softer results, the White Beauty Dish additionally arrives with a translucent white diffusion sock that converts the reflector into the equivalent of a round softbox with very even coverage and outstanding evenness across the face of the diffusion fabric. This widens the angle of coverage to about 150° and lowers the output by about 1 to 1-1/2 f-stops.

As with any light modifier, there is no right or wrong use. It’s up to the photographer to use the light and modifier as best suits his/her intended purpose. Generally, one should consider using the Beauty Dish without the direct-light blocker when lighting from a distance. Because of its very high output in this mode, the Beauty Dish is an ideal tool for shooting weddings or other events, and for high key studio lighting with the light placed around 7 to 20 feet from the subject. For closer, more intimate lighting, using the diffusion sock will allow wider coverage and lower specularity. Using the Beauty Dish without the sock will result in more selective lighting and higher output, though this use may be challenging when higher power flash units are used due to the very high output of the Beauty Dish.

Beauty Dish 22HOBD Silver 22HOBD-W White
Size 22-inch diameter 22-inch diameter
Depth 6" 6"
Weight 2.4 pounds 2.4 pounds
Beam Spread 45° 130°
Interior Surface bright silver white
Light Blocker optional, included optional, included
Diffusion Sock translucent white sock optional, included translucent white sock optional, included

See Expected Output
  • 22-inch White Beauty Dish Reflector
  • internal direct-light blocker (optional use)
  • translucent white diffusion sock (optional use)
  • Beauty Dish assembly instructions
Flash Units: The Beauty Dishes attach to the faceplate of all Paul C. Buff standard flash units and flash heads, including the DigiBee units, Einstein units, AlienBees units, retired Zeus heads (Z2500SH and Z2500BTH) and White Lightning units (both the current X-Series line and the retired UltraZAP and Ultra lines). The dishes are not compatible with the AlienBees ABR800 Ringflash, the retired Zeus Ringmaster head, or the retired WL Series (5,000 and 10,000) units.

Grids: For more control over the spread of your light, you can use our 22HG15 15° honeycomb grid or our 22HG30 30° honeycomb grid. The 22HOBD and 22HOBD-W beauty dish reflectors also accept our discontinued 22RHG40 40° grid. The grids fit into the recessed lip on the face the reflectors.

Carrying Bag: For around-town travel with the beauty dish, we offer the HOBD-BAG 22-inch Carrying Bag. The soft-sided bag carries one 22HOBD (silver) or 22HOBD-W (white) beauty dish and includes a zippered compartment that can hold up to two beauty dish grids (22HG15 or 22HG30).