22-inch Retro Laser 22-inch Retro Laser 22-inch Retro Laser Buff Speedring
Retro Laser Reflector
Part Number: 22RLR
Price: $84.95 NOW $54.95! - All Sales Final

  • extremely high output bounce reflector
  • bright silver interior with a smooth finish
  • produces a bright, narrow beam of light
  • excellent for sports photographers
  • adjustable focus from approximately 11º to 30° beam spread
  • flat coverage area with sharp falloff
  • all sales final

The Retro Laser™ Reflector is a highly efficient bounce reflector providing a long throw of light with excellent coverage. For sports photographers and other applications where a long throw is desirable, the shallow 22-inch diameter reflector produces a bright, narrow beam of light with even illumination and near 100% focused light transfer. In contrast to our 11-inch Long Throw Reflector that has a hot center and feathered falloff, the Retro Laser™ produces a flat area of coverage with sharp falloff outside of the illumination field. With the Einstein™ E640 unit at full power (640 Ws), the Retro Laser™ delivers an incredible f/16 at 40 feet (ISO 100). The high output allows you to lower the output on your flash for faster flash durations as well.

The reflector attaches to all Paul C. Buff™ flashes using the unique cage assembly and speedring (arriving with each reflector). Sliding the reflector along the shaft of the cage assembly closer to or further from the light adjusts the coverage from approximately an 11° to 30° beam spread.

Reflector Dimensions Beam Spread
7AB/R 7-inch Silver Field Reflector 7-inch diameter x 3.5-inch depth 80°
8.5HOR 8.5-inch High Output Reflector 8.5-inch diameter x 4-inch depth 45°
11LTR 11-inch Long Throw Reflector 11-inch diameter x 8.5-inch depth 28°
22RLR 22-inch Retro Laser Reflector 22-inch diameter x 9-inch depth 11° to 30° adjustable
UBR White Shovel Background Reflector 4.5-inch diameter x 6-inch height 20º (full) to
40º at -1/2f
70º at -1f
90º at -2f
7UR 7-inch Umbrella Reflector 7-inch diameter x 2-inch depth 180°
10ABR/R 10-inch Ring Reflector 10-inch diameter x 2.75-inch depth 80°

See Expected Output
Flash Units: The Retro Laser™ Reflector arrives with a speedring cage assembly that fits around the flashtube and modeling lamp on the front faceplate of all standard Paul C. Buff™ flash units, including the AlienBees™ (B400, B800 and B1600) flash units, White Lightning™ X-Series flash units, retired Zeus™ Z2500SH or Z2500BTH flash heads and Einstein™ E640 flash unit.

The MBA Baby Boomer™ Arm: For increased range of motion with the reflector, the MBA Baby Boomer™ (sold separately) may be used, allowing offset mounting and extension of the unit 8 inches out from the top of the stand mount.

Carrying Bag: For around-town travel with the Retro Laser™ Reflector, we offer the HOBD-BAG 22-inch Carrying Bag. The soft-sided bag carries one 22RLR Retro Laser™ Reflector with the cage assembly in place.