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FAQ: How do I charge/recharge the VAGABOND BATTERY?
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 12:34 pm 
Update: The Vagabond V150 / V300 System is being discontinued, to be replaced by the new Vagabond II. Please visit the Vagabond page on both our AlienBees and White Lightning websites to learn more.

>>What kind of battery does the Vagabond I (V150 / V300) use?
The battery supplied with each system is our B15A 12 Volt, 15AH Vagabond Internal Battery. This sealed lead-acid battery is seated in the bottom of the Vagabond Carrying Bag in the V150 and V300 systems. The battery should be recharged after every use - leaving the battery in a discharged condition for longer than 24 hours will begin a process known as “sulfation,” which will rob the battery of its useful life. The battery is recharged using the provided VBC Global Battery Charger.

>>How do I charge the Vagabond I (V150 / V300) battery?
First, you must ensure that the CU-150 unit(s) in your Vagabond system are turned OFF. Allowing the CU-150 units to operate while the battery is being recharged will cause the VBC to overcharge the battery, and the battery will be destroyed. Next, you will locate the provided VBC Vagabond Battery Charger, found in the front pocket of you Vagabond bag. Also inside this pouch, you will see the wiring harness red and black charger port connection pair sticking out. This connection pair is already connected to the battery inside the bag. You will connect the VBC charger's red and black connection pair to this wiring harness connection pair - connecting red to red and black to black. With the VBC now connected to the battery, you will then connect the VBC's provided Ac power cord to both the VBC and to your standard wall outlet. When you plug in the power cord, the Status Indicator LED in the corner of the VBC top cover will glow red. This indicates that the battery is charging at its maximum rate. As the battery charging cycle nears completion, the VBC Status Indicator LED will begin to flash. This is normal, and shows that the battery is about 95% charged. You should charge the battery fully, until the VBC Status Indicator LED glows solid green. When the battery is fully charged and ready to use, disconnect the Ac power cord and red and black connection before use. If you anticipate storing the Vagabond for longer periods of time, you should keep your battery charger plugged in and operating. The battery charger has a maintenance charge function that will keep your battery fully charged. Storing the battery for extended periods (months) without having the charger plugged in and operating will shorten the useful life of the battery.

>>Can I charge my Vagabond I (V150 / V300) battery from my car's battery?
Yes! We are pleased to offer the VCA Vagabond Battery Charger Car Adaptor that allows you to operate your VBC Vagabond Battery Charger from your car’s lighter socket or accessory sockets. You will folllow the same steps outlined above to connect your battery to the VBC charger, then simply connect the VBC's Ac power cord to the VCA adaptor and plug this adaptor into your car's lighter socket. Using the VCA adaptor will charge the battery normally. Please note that the cigarette lighter adaptor supplied with your Vagabond System is different from the VCA Car Adaptor. The cigarette lighter adaptor supplied with each Vagabond System allows your car battery to replace the function of the Vagabond’s internal battery. The cigarette lighter adaptor cord is designed only to connect the dc power input of a CU-150 to your car's battery through the cigarette lighter outlet. It cannot be used to recharge the Vagabond battery.

>>How long does it take to recharge the battery?
Using the VBC Vagabond Battery Charger, it will take about five hours to fully recharge an exhausted battery. This is typical of all lead-acid battery systems when charged at the recommended rate. If the battery is not completely exhausted, the recharge cycle will take less time.

>>How long will my battery last?
In normal use, the battery should last for several hundred charge/discharge cycles. Things that will shorten the battery life are high temperatures, overcharging the battery using an external battery charger such as an automotive battery charger, repeated excessive deep discharges, storing the battery in a discharged condition, and extreme physical abuse, such as dropping the battery.


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