The LB11 Boom Arm Attachment

Operation Instructions


The LB11 Boom Arm Attachment is made for Paul C. Buff, Inc. light stands and flash units, including all AlienBees and White Lightning models.  The Boom Arm is a three-part attachment, with an arm, a mounting bracket for the light stand and a weight.  The adjustable arm extends from 48 to 83 inches depending on your needs and desired setup.  The 11-pound counterweight provides the necessary balance for the boom arm, balancing the weight of the flash unit placed on the opposite end of the arm.  With the 11-pound weight, the arm is capable of holding all White Lightning and AlienBees flash units, with any accessories, including the softboxes and octaboxes.



The LB11 Boom Arm Attachment has three parts:


(1)   the silver adjustable arm

(2)   the black stand/arm mounting bracket, and

(3)   the 11-pound counterweight. 


The boom arm attachment arrives assembled, with the counterweight attached and the mounting bracket tightened around the adjustable arm.


(1) the silver adjustable arm

The boom arm has two inside poles (one fitted inside the other) that allow the arm to be adjusted from 48 to 83 inches in length, depending on your needs, space requirements and desired setup.


(2) the stand/arm mounting bracket

The mounting bracket has two matching, interlocking sides.  Each side has several holes for fitting poles of various widths, with a tightening knob to secure the bracket around the pole.


(3) the counterweight

The 11-pound counterweight arrives attached to the bottom of the boom arm.  Turning the adjustment knob will loosen the grip around the pole, allowing you to slide the weight up or down the pole and remove it from the pole entirely if needed.



A 3mm Hex Key Allen Wrench (banded around the top of the arm) is supplied for your convenience.  The hex key may be used to loosen the grip of the attachment knob that connects the two poles of the adjustable arm.  Once loosened, the narrow inside pole may be lifted up and out of the wider outside pole to separate the two pieces.  The hex key is only needed to separate the two pieces of the pole, should you wish to separate them for packing or storage purposes.  It is not needed to attach the boom arm to your light stand or to attach your flash unit to the boom arm.  To begin attaching and using the boom, simply unwrap the rubber band around the hex key to remove it from the top of the arm and set it aside.


The boom arm should only be used on a heavy duty light stand that has a wide footprint to support its weight.  The boom arm may be used on either our LS3900 13-foot Heavy Duty Light Stand or our TS13AC 13-foot Air-Cushioned Heavy Duty Light Stand.  For safe and sturdy support, the boom arm must be used on the second section of the light stand (the second section from the top).  It is best to expand the light stand’s footprint fully when using the boom arm attachment.


Remove the counterweight from the boom arm by turning the adjustment knob counter-clockwise.  As you turn, the grip of the weight around the arm will loosen so that you can slide the weight off of the arm.  (**Removing the weight makes the arm easier to hold as you attach it to the light stand.)


Attach the boom arm to your light stand with the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket has two holding sets: one set holds the light stand pole, and the other holds the boom arm.  Each holding set has two sides, forming multiple holes and grooves for fitting different poles.  As the mounting bracket is already attached to the boom arm, you will now attach the other side to the light stand.


  1. Twist the handle on the mounting bracket counter-clockwise until it is completely unscrewed, revealing a silver washer around the inside screw.
  2. Remove the silver washer.
  3. Pull one side of the bracket off of the center screw.  The light stand pole fits between the two sides.
  4. Position the bracket around the pole of the light stand, and allow the pole to fit in the remaining groove.
  5. Slide the removed side back on to the center screw, with the pole of the light stand nestled snugly between.
  6. Once together, replace the silver washer, and screw the handle back on the mounting bracket until it is secure.


With the mounting bracket attached to the light stand and the boom arm, you are ready to attach your counterweight and flash unit.


Replace the counterweight by sliding it back on the boom arm.  Turn the adjustment knob clockwise to tighten the grip of the weight around the pole and securely hold the counterweight in place.


Once your boom arm is attached securely to your light stand and the 11-pound counterweight is in place, you are ready to attach your flash unit.  Remember that your flash unit will need AC power, so it’s best to have your power cord plugged in on the back panel of the unit when it is mounted.  You can then adjust the height of the arm, and plug your flash unit into the AC power source when the unit is set.


To attach your flash unit, you will use the 5/8-inch brass stud on the end of the boom arm.  You will attach your flash unit to the boom arm in the same manner that you would attach it to any light stand.  Simply tighten the screw on the mounting block of your flash unit until it is secured on the arm as it would be on a regular light stand.  With the weight, you can use any accessories on the flash unit, such as an umbrella, a grid, or a softbox.  When using heavy accessories like the giant softbox, you will want to ensure that the base of the light stand is

fully extended to balance the stand.





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