The Flash Unit and Accessory Package Discount

Did you know that you can save money when you buy flash units and accessories together? Here’s how it works:

  • When you buy one flash unit, you’ll get 5% off on all of the accessories bought with it.
  • When you buy two flash units, you’ll get 10% off on all of the accessories bought with them.
  • When you buy three flash units, you’ll get 15% off on all of the accessories bought with them.
  • When you buy four or more flash units, you’ll get 20% off on all of the accessories bought with them.
The discount shows up automatically in your shopping cart. Simply browse and select the items you want, place them in your cart, and the discount will be figured as you go (look in your cart for the line Order Discount). Are you reading this after you’ve placed an order? Don’t worry - you already got it! The discount is automatic in the cart.

Get the discount online or by phone. The same discount applies on the web and over the phone, so feel free to call us. We’ll be happy to take your order or just give you a quote.

How do I know which products give the discount and which are eligible to receive the discount? Good question. All flash units, power packs and flash heads give the discount - each AlienBees™ flash unit, Einstein™ flash unit, and White Lightning™ flash unit in your order (up to 4 total units for up to 20% off on accessories). Most accessories and hardware items are eligible to receive the discount - the PLM™ system, light stands, softboxes, the CyberSync™ system, travel gear, gels, beauty dishes, modeling lamps, etc. Some items are excluded, including our Vagabond™ systems and replacement parts. To help you identify what gives and what gets the package discount, look at the product’s Add to CART button:

gives discount TURQUOISE GIVES: Products with a turquoise Add to CART button give the discount. Flash units, flash heads and power packs.
gets discount YELLOW RECEIVES: Products with a yellow Add to CART button are eligible to receive the discount (up to 20%).
no discount ORANGE IS EXCLUDED: Products with an orange Add to CART button are excluded and do not give or receive the discount. Sorry orange.

It’s gotta be all in one order. The package discount only applies when flashes and accessories are purchased together - at the same time, in the same order.

Package Suggestions

Try one of ours or create your own and receive the same discounts. We created a few sample packages based on typical needs, suggestions, and most frequently purchased product combinations. Click on any package to learn more…but choosing one of these packages can just be the beginning.

Change it up. You can add, substitute or remove products as you wish either to an empty cart or to a cart that already has items in it. The discounts will automatically be recalculated as you add or remove products. For example, you can change between Einstein™ and AlienBees™ or White Lightning™ within a sample package and still receive the full accessory discount. Or add another light and automatically receive a bigger accessory discount.

The Beginner Bee The Beginner Bee
The best place to start. See what’s included...
The Genius The Genius
A very smart two-light Einstein™ setup. See what’s included...
The Busy Bee The Busy Bee
A full service AlienBees™ setup for the versatile photographer shooting family portraits, babies and kids, dogs and cats, seniors and more. See what’s included...
The Portrait Studio The Portrait Studio
I’m ready for my close-up. See what’s included...
The Wedding Warrior The Wedding Warrior
Here comes the flash. See what’s included...
Bees Gone Wild Bees Gone Wild!
The perfect package for fashion shoots on the beach and other glamorous locations. See what’s included...

The discount is already included in the price. When you add a package to your cart, it will be displayed as individual items and you’ll see the order discount for the accessories listed under the order subtotal.

Shipping is NOT included in the price. You’ll still pay for shipping based on your chosen method and destination.

Change it up. Choosing one of these packages can just be the beginning. Once the items are added to your cart, you can add and remove products as you wish. The discount will automatically be recalculated as you add or remove products.