Bees Gone Wild

1 ABR800 AlienBees™ Ringflash
1 ABRW/DF6 Set of 6 Circular Warming and Diffusion Filters
1 ABRBAG Ringflash Carrying Bag
1 VM120 Vagabond Mini™ Lithium System
1 VMBAG Vagabond Mini™ Lithium Carrying Bag
1 CRK42 5-in-1 Circular Reflector Kit

The AlienBees Ringflash ABR800 is currently on backorder.

Total $763.96

Bees Gone Wild is the package that’s ready to hit the beach (or any other fun outdoor location) for a glamorous fashion shoot. Use the AlienBees™ ABR800 Ringflash with the warming filters to create a warm wash of light - using the handheld option on the mounting bracket to keep you mobile and quick. Have an assistant hold the CRK42 Reflector Kit with the soft white, bright silver or bright gold surface facing your model to bounce fill-in light from the sun or your flash. And of course, there are no power lines where you’re going, so you can bring your own power with the Vagabond Mini™ Lithium (read warnings about using lithium batteries here). Carry it all in the Vagabond Mini™ Carrying Bag (read warnings about using the Vagabond Mini™ Carrying Bag here) and Ringflash Carrying Bag. Click to enlarge the sample setup below.

The Bees Gone Wild Package
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Anything else I need? Sunscreen? You may want to get a spare battery for the Vagabond Mini™ Lithium and and spare flashtube for the ringflash - just in case.

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