The Beginner Bee

1 AlienBees™ B800 Flash Unit
1 10ACLS 10-foot Air Cushioned Light Stand
1 PLM51U-W-8MM 51-inch White PLM™ (with 8mm shaft)
1 PLM51-BOC 51-inch Black Outer Cover
1 AlienBees™ Single Light Carrying Bag

Total $382.36

The Beginner Bee is the perfect package to get you started with the world of photographic lighting. With the AlienBees™ B800 Flash Unit, you’ll learn about setting up and syncing a flash unit to your camera, positioning a flash unit, and making adjustments to the various flash settings. Securely mount the unit to the 10-foot Air Cushioned Stand and learn about two different qualities of light (soft bounced light and diffused light) with the easy-to-use 51-inch White PLM with 8mm umbrella rod (PLM51U-W-8MM) and its black outer cover. The lightweight setup is versatile and travel-friendly for use with different subjects in different locations. Click to enlarge the sample setup below.

Beginner Bee Package
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Anything else I need? The AlienBees™ B800 flash unit arrives with a 15-foot sync cord to connect the flash to your camera (so that pressing your camera shutter triggers that flash to fire simultaneously). You’ll need to check that your camera has a PC-sync input to connect this cord. If it doesn’t have this input, you’ll need to get our HSA Hot Shoe Adapter.

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