The Busy Bee

2 AlienBees™ B800 Flash Units
1 AlienBees™ B400 Flash Units
2 13ACLS 13-foot Air Cushioned Light Stands
1 10ACLS 10-foot Air Cushioned Light Stand
1 FOB47 47-inch Foldable Octabox
1 HG20 20º Honeycomb Grid
1 PLM64U-SS-8MM 64-inch Soft Silver PLM™
1 PLM64-WFDF 64-inch White Front Diffusion Fabric
1 CST2 CyberSync™ Transmitter 2
1 CSR CyberSync™ Receiver
3 AlienBees™ Single Light Carrying Bags

Total: $1,358.09

You’re shooting babies and family portraits this weekend, corporate head shots and seniors next week, and rounding out the month with a wedding. We designed The Busy Bee package to meet the versatile needs of a busy photographer like you. This three-light setup includes two AlienBees™ B800 units for the main and fill lights, each with our 13-foot air cushioned stands. You can use the 47-inch Octabox on your main light for portraits with the Soft Silver PLM™ umbrella as your fill. The lower-powered B400 unit with the 20º honeycomb grid will work perfectly for a hair light (positioned on the 10-foot air cushioned stand). Connecting just one CyberSync™ CSR Receiver to one flash unit will allow you to wirelessly fire the entire setup from camera position with the CST2 Transmitter as the remaining two flashes will fire via their built-in slave trippers.

Or maybe you just want to take one flash unit on location - use the PLM™ with the White Front Diffusion Fabric for a head shot, to overpower the sun for an outdoor portrait or to light a group. You can throw one flash in a PCBBAG Carrying Bag with the CyberSync™ components, and carry along your collapsed PLM™ and 10-foot stand. Click to enlarge the sample setup below.

The Busy Bee Package
Click to enlarge

Anything else I need? If you’re shooting on location, you may want to add VLX Vagabond Lithium Extreme or Vagabond Mini Lithium system. If you’ll be working around other photographers with flashes or working outdoors in the sunlight, you can add two additional CyberSync™ CSR Receivers to the setup (for a total of 3 - one for each flash unit). With each flash having its own receiver, the cue to fire will only come from the CST2, preventing other phographers from accidentally tripping your flashes.

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