The Portrait Studio

4 Einstein™ E640 Flash Units
1 CC CyberSync™ Cyber Commander™
4 CSXCV CyberSync™ Transceivers
1 CST2 CyberSync™ Transmitter 2
1 22HOBD Silver High Output Beauty Dish (with diffusion sock)
1 PLM64U-SS-8MM Soft Silver PLM™ Umbrella
1 PLM64-WFDF PLM™ White Front Diffusion Fabric
2 PLM51U-W-8MM White PLM™ Umbrellas
2 PLM51-BOC Black Outer Covers
1 FSB1036 Foldable Stripbox
1 G1036 Grid for the Foldable Stripbox
2 10ACLS 10-foot Air Cushioned Light Stands
2 13ACLS 13-foot Air Cushioned Light Stands
1 MBA Baby Boomer™ Mini Boom Arm

Total: $2,847.80

You’ll have all of the power and versatility you could ask for with four Einstein™ E640 flash units in your studio. They’ll give you accurate and repeatable results within 0.10 f-stop shot after shot and constant, consistent color output. You’ll be able to control and wirelessly fire the entire setup from camera position using the Cyber Commander™ and CSXCV Transceivers. This will allow you to position your lights and accessories (and the initial output ratios) as you want them, then make individual adjustments or total up / down adjustments to the group all at once. The Cyber Commander™ also serves as your flashmeter.

For a main light, you can use the High Output Beauty Dish with the MBA Baby Boomer™ for soft, gorgeous light with flexibility in positioning. Use the Silver PLM™ umbrella on your fill light and the two White PLM™ umbrellas with Black Outer Covers positioned on either side of a backdrop for high key (remember to meter the backdrop separately - 1 to 2 f-stops brighter than the subject).

Or use the Soft Silver PLM™ with the White Front Diffuser as your main light to get the softness and similar pattern of a gigantic octabox. You can then use one of the White PLM™ umbrellas on your fill light and use the Foldable Stripbox and Grid as a hair light. The Baby Boomer™ will help you here as well to get just the right position to softly light your subject’s head and shoulders from above and behind.

Play with the setup of these flashes and accessories to find the lighting style that suits your work, your subject and your studio space. Individual E640 units and accessories can be used for easy one-light setups outside of the studio as well. Click to enlarge either of the sample setups below.

The Portrait Studio Package
The Portrait Studio Package
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Anything else I need? If you’re setting up a portrait studio, you might find it helpful to have a good white balance card. We overheard Paul C. Buff himself say that the WhiBal card is dead on at each grey level (the WhiBal card is offered by Michael Tapes Design).

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