The Genius

2 Einstein™ E640 Flash Units
2 LS3900 13-foot Heavy Duty Light Stands
2 PLM64U-SS 64-inch Soft Silver PLM™ Umbrellas
2 PLM64-WFDF 64-inch White Front Diffusion Fabrics
1 CC CyberSync™ Cyber Commander™
2 CSXCV CyberSync™ Transceivers
2 PCBBAG Paul C. Buff™ Single Light Carrying Bags

The 64" Soft Silver PLM™ Umbrella is currently on backorder, for more info click here.

Total $1483.60
Due to the backorder of our 64" Soft Silver PLM, this package is currently unavailable for ordering. Please be aware that you can order the Einsteins and accessories found in this package separately and you will receive the same discounted rate you would if ordering from this page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Genius package is the smartest two-light setup you've ever seen. With two Einstein™ E640 flash units, you’ll have a huge range of power to shoot a multitude of subjects. You’ll have the fast flash durations for action work and consistent color output for your color critical work with accuracy and repeatability within 0.10 f-stop shot after shot. With a CyberSync™ CSXCV transceiver in each unit, you can control and display the flashpower, modeling lamp brightness, flash duration, color temperature and more from camera position and wirelessly fire the units with the Cyber Commander™. And you’ll shape your light with the versatile Soft Silver PLM™ umbrellas - great for group shots and outdoor work, overpowering the sun. For close-up work, using the translucent white front diffuser will give you the softness and similar pattern of an octabox. Click to enlarge the sample setup below.

The Genius
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Anything else I need? If you want to make this a traveling genius, add the VLX Vagabond Lithium Extreme or Vagabond Mini Lithium system. The LSB48 light stand carrying bag can be used to tote the stands and PLM™ umbrellas.

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