The Wedding Warrior

2 E640 Einstein™ Flash Units
2 8.5HOR 8.5-inch High Output Reflectors
2 PLM64U-W-8MM 64-inch White PLM™ Umbrellas
2 PLM64-BFSPKF Black Front Spill Kill Fabrics for the PLM™
2 13ACLS 13-foot Air Cushioned Light Stands
2 CSXCV CyberSync™ Transceivers
1 CST2 CyberSync™ Transmitter 2
2 VM120 Vagabond Mini™ Lithium systems
2 VMBAG Vagabond Mini™ Carrying Bags
2 VMB8.8A Spare Vagabond Mini™ Lithium batteries
1 LSB48 Light Stand Carrying Bag
2 PCBBAG Paul C. Buff™ Single Light Carrying Bag
1 MAXFT12MMUV Spare Replacement Flashtube for the Einstein™

Total $2211.82

If you need more power, you can opt for the VLX Vagabond Lithium Extreme over the Vagabond Mini.
Order the same package as above with the following VLX Vagabond Lithium substitutions:

2 VM120 Vagabond Mini Lithium systems
2 Navajo Turquoise and Purple Haze Vagabond Lithium Extreme (with 2 FREE VLX Carrying Bags)

2 VMBAG Vagabond Mini Carrying Bags
2 VLX Carring Bags come FREE with your Navajo Turquoise and Purple Haze VLXs
2 VMB8.8A Spare Vagabond Mini Lithium batteries
2 Purple Haze VLX Spare Batteries

Total $2641.92

The Wedding Warrior package is designed to give you power and portability with two Einstein™ E640 Flash Units that can be used for the ceremony, the reception, and for on-location bridal portraits as well. During the ceremony, you can position the two units with the White PLM™ umbrellas (and Spill Kill Fabrics) on either side of the altar or stage. Throw a powerful, wide and soft wash of light on the couple to catch that kiss - then use the same setup to take quick portraits of the bridal party after ceremony. And since you can’t be running around during the ceremony to make lighting adjustments, you can use the CST2 CyberSync™ Transmitter 2 and CSXCV Transceivers to control and wirelessly fire both units from the camera position.

At the reception, put the two 8.5-inch High Output Reflectors on the E640 units and aim them at the ceiling on opposite sides of the room. This will give you a powerful bounced light fill for all of the shots at the cake table and around the dance floor.

And of course, shooting a wedding is all about planning ahead and having backups. Be ready for indoor and outdoor venues by bringing your own power with a Vagabond Mini™ Lithium for each flash (read warnings about using lithium batteries here). Even with indoor venues, the available outlets may be used for something else - plus, you never know about the power in that two hundred year old church. The package includes a spare battery for each Vagabond™ and a spare flashtube for either of your Einstein™ units as well.

Keeping it portable, you can carry your Einstein™ units with the CyberSync™ components and reflectors in the PCBBAG Carrying Bags. Carry the Vagabond Mini™ Lithium systems, each with their spare batteries, in the Vagabond Mini™ Carrying Bag (read warnings about using the Vagabond Mini™ Carrying Bag here) and carry your stands and PLM™ umbrellas in the LSB48 Light Stand Carrying Bag. Click to enlarge either of the sample setups below.

The Wedding Warrior Studio Package
The Wedding Warrior Studio Package
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