CyberSync CST Auxiliary Sync Cord
CyberSync™ CST Auxiliary Sync Cord
Part Number: SC-CSTAUX
Price: $5.95
  • 2-foot 2.5mm male to 1/8-inch (3.5mm) cord
  • for use connecting CSR/CSRB to Sunpak brand flash units (not compatible with the Sunpak 333 or 383 models)
  • for use with the CSR/CSRB to trigger some cameras having a 2.5mm remote jack (including Canon Rebels and Pentax SLRs)
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty
The SC-CSTAUX cord allows your CSR and/or CSRB CyberSync™ receiver to work with Sunpak brand flash units (with the exception of the 383 or 333).

This cord also allows triggering of certain cameras (Canon Rebels & Pentax SLRs, and possibly others that have a 2.5mm remote jack) with the CSR and/or CSRB.

Triggering your flash units and camera together:

You will need two CyberSync™ CST Transmitters, the SC-CSTAUX cord and a CyberSync™ CSR or CSRB for each flash unit in your setup.

1. Set the CyberSync™ CST (handheld) on channel 1.

2. Connect the CyberSync™ CSRB to the remote port on your camera using the SC-CSTAUX cord. Set the CSRB on channel 1.

3. Set a second CyberSync™ CST Transmitter on channel 2 and slide it inside the hot shoe of your camera. (The reason you need a separate CST is because if you tried to trigger the lights and camera together, the lights would trip earlier, as the camera takes time to raise the mirror and open the shutter.)

4. Connect a CyberSync™ CSR or CSRB to each flash unit in your setup and set each on channel 2.

Note: This is an auxiliary cord. It does not arrive with any of the CyberSync™ components and must be purchased separately.