White Shovel Background Reflector White Shovel Background Reflector
White Shovel Background Reflector
Part Number: UBR
Price: $29.95
  • white shovel background reflector
  • lights background space for subject/background separation
  • blocks light from subject and lens
  • can be used in tight spaces, hidden behind subject
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty

The UBR is a white shovel reflector that provides an even gradation of light, excellent for illuminating background space while blocking the light from hitting the lens or the subject. The background reflector is an excellent tool to help you achieve good subject-to-background separation. By design, the UBR can be used in tight setups where there is not enough room for side lighting or grid use. With the UBR, the light pattern of your flash unit fans out behind your subject, gradually falling off as it covers the background. The light accents the background and provides a gentle halo effect behind your subject. For those photographers who use painted and textured backgrounds, this is a great way to highlight the background without overpowering your subject.

The UBR fits comfortably in place of your standard reflector on any standard Paul C. Buff unit. A flash unit fitted with the UBR reflector may be positioned directly behind your subject on our LS1100 Backlight Stand. On the backlight stand, you can position your flash unit vertically to hide the light behind your subject and illuminate the backdrop. By adjusting the positioning arm on your unit, you can point the flash unit directly up and towards your background, allowing the background reflector to catch the light, and throw it evenly on your backdrop.

Reflector Dimensions Beam Spread
7AB/R 7-inch Silver Field Reflector 7-inch diameter x 3.5-inch depth 80°
8.5HOR 8.5-inch High Output Reflector 8.5-inch diameter x 4-inch depth 45°
11LTR 11-inch Long Throw Reflector 11-inch diameter x 8.5-inch depth 28°
22RLR 22-inch Retro Laser Reflector 22-inch diameter x 9-inch depth 11° to 30° adjustable
UBR White Shovel Background Reflector 4.5-inch diameter x 6-inch height 20º (full) to
40º at -1/2f
70º at -1f
90º at -2f
7UR 7-inch Umbrella Reflector 7-inch diameter x 2-inch depth 180°
10ABR/R 10-inch Ring Reflector 10-inch diameter x 2.75-inch depth 80°

Flash Units: The UBR fits around the flashtube and modeling lamp on the front faceplate of all standard Paul C. Buff flash units, including the DigiBee (DB400 and DB800) flash units, AlienBees (B400, B800 and B1600) flash units, White Lightning X-Series flash units, retired Zeus Z2500SH or Z2500BTH flash heads and Einstein E640 flash unit. It is not compatible with the AlienBees ABR800 Ringflash unit or the retired ZRM1 Zeus Ringmaster head.

Gels and Filters: Our 8-inch x 10-inch color gels and light modifying filters (CF6, CF20, WF6, UV6, DF6 and ND6) can be used with the reflector, wrapped around the opening and clipped to the reflector using our small nylon clips, bulldog clips, or other similar clips.