Set of 6 Warming Filters
Set of 6 Warming Filters
Part Number: WF6
Price: $21.95
  • set of six 8" x 10" warming filters
  • three 1/4 warming and three 1/8 warming
  • used to warm colors in the scene
  • adds a light brown, almost sepia tint
  • excellent for outdoor/nature shots
  • excellent for creating warm skintones in the studio
  • for use with the LiteMod™ System or the 7AB/R
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty

We offer several types of gels and filters for different lighting effects, fitting into the GELH Gel Holder to be used in the LiteMod™ System, or clipped directly to your 7AB/R 7-inch reflector to be used alone. Each flexible gel sheet measures 8 inches by 10 inches.

  • three 1/4 filters (adjusting the color temperature to 1/4)
  • three 1/8 filters (adjusting the color temperature to 1/8)

LiteMod™ System: For use with the LiteMod™ System, the gels/filters can be used with the GELH Gel Holders in the UMF LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe.

Reflectors: The 8-inch x 10-inch gels/filters can be used with the 7AB/R 7-inch Silver Field Reflector alone, clipped to the reflector using small nylon clips, bulldog clips, or other similar clips. The gels/filters are not compatible with any of our other current reflectors (they are not large enough to cover the face of the 8.5HOR or 11LTR reflector), though they can be used with our older, retired 7-inch reflectors.