PLM White Front Diffusion Fabric PLM White Front Diffusion Fabric PLM White Front Diffusion Fabric PLM White Front Diffusion Fabric
PLM™ White Front Diffusion Fabric


  • available for 86, 64 and 51-inch PLM™ umbrellas
  • when used with the Soft Silver PLM™, the PLM™ becomes a superior bounced-light softbox with very even light across the surface
  • when used with the White PLM™, it produces a very soft, wide-angle light (still a bounced light source)
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty
The White Front Diffusion Fabric (WFDF) is available in 51-inch, 64-inch and 86-inch for the corresponding size PLM™ umbrellas - for use with the Extreme Silver PLM™, Soft Silver PLM™ and White PLM™ umbrellas. The white fabric fits over the face of the open umbrella and has a center hole opening for the flash unit (with a drawstring to tighten around the face of the flash unit).

When used with the Soft Silver PLM™ models, a similar softbox/octabox effect is also produced. The light pattern and softer light quality are similar to that of an octabox.

When used with the White PLM™ models, it produces a very soft, wide-angle light (though it is still a bounced light source as well). The WFDF fabric can be used on the White PLM™ umbrellas alone or with the Black Outer Cover (BOC) as well. When used alone, the light is diffused through the translucent fabric for soft, even light. When both the BOC and WFDF are used together, the black cover allows the to be bounced from the white surface, then diffused through the WFDF material.
The White Front Diffusion Fabrics are designed for use with both the Soft Silver PLM and White PLM umbrellas. Choose the appropriate size WFDF fabric based on the size of PLM umbrella that you own or plan to buy (for example, the PLM51-WFDF fits the 51-inch umbrellas).

The 64-inch and 86-inch WFDF White Front Diffusion Fabrics may additionally be used with the both the silver and white PLM™ version 1 system umbrellas (now retired).