Zeus Ringmaster Flash Head Zeus Ringmaster Flash Head Zeus Ringmaster Flash Head Zeus Ringmaster Flash Head Zeus Ringmaster Flash Head
Zeus™ Ringmaster Flash Head
Part Number: ZRM1
Price: $299.95
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Zeus™ Ringmaster Flash Head

  • requires a Z1250 or Z2500 power pack for use
  • high-power ringflash head for professional use
  • 2,500 Ws maximum input (connected to a Z2500 pack)
  • 1.5 pounds total weight
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 2-Year Factory Warranty

The Zeus™ system is a pack-and-head system. Unlike our traditional AlienBees™, White Lightning™ and Einstein™ monolight (also known as “self-contained”) flash units where the flash head and power supply are all housed together, the Zeus™ system is comprised of separate power packs (the Z1250 and Z2500) and various flash heads (the ZRM1, the Z2500SH and the Z2500BTH). Each flash head requires a power pack and that power pack is then plugged into a suitable AC power source.

The Zeus™ ZRM1 Ringmaster (requires a Z1250 or Z2500 power pack for use) is a high-power ringflash system for professional use where very high power levels and exposure values are required. With its extremely compact and lightweight design, the Ringmaster is easy to use with most popular pro or semi-pro cameras. The design accommodates cameras with lenses up to 4 inches in diameter, having a full range of adjustments for use with cameras of nearly all heights and depths. The Ringmaster incorporates dual fans, eight halogen modeling lamps and two semi-circular flashtubes, providing short flash durations and high power handling capacity.

Each ZRM1 head arrives with the 12-foot Zeus™ power supply cable hardwired to the back panel. This cable connects the flash head to the power pack, mechanically locking into either the A or B power cable socket on the Z1250 / Z2500.

Zeus™ Ringmaster Flash Head
Maximum Input Power 2500 True Ws (at 700 Volts) with the Z2500 pack
Maximum Continuous Usage 20,000 Ws per minute
Flash Duration (t.5) 1/600 second at 2500 Ws
1/800 second at 1875 Ws
1/1600 seconds at 625 Ws
Flash Duration (t.1) 1/200 second at 2500 Ws
1/270 second at 1875 Ws
1/625 seconds at 625 Ws
Modeling Lamp a set of eight 20W 20 Watt, 24 Volt modeling lamps supplied
Flashtube two RMFT12MM half-circle user-replaceable 12mm flashtubes supplied
Stand Mount fits stands up to 5/8"
Tripod Mount fits standard tripods
Umbrella Mount fits poles up to 3/8" (with supplied umbrella adapter)
Standard Reflector 10ABR/R 10-inch Ring Reflector
Weight 1.5 pounds
Dimensions 8” (diameter) x 2.75” (depth) with just the diffuser
10” (diameter) x 4.25” (depth) with the ring reflector
4" center hole

Note: The maximum continuous usage rating dictates the practical usage limit. For example, if a Z2500SH Standard Head is connected to a Z2500 pack (in either the A or B socket) with the full power distributed to the one head and the flashpower adjustment slider at the full position, the head would be set to flash at its maximum power input level of 2,500 Ws. To stay within the maximum continuous usage guideline, the head should only be fired 12 times per minute (12 x 2,500 True Ws = 30,000 True Ws) at these settings. The maximum continuous usage rating for both the Z1250 and Z2500 power packs is also 30,000 Ws per minute. With the Zeus™ Z2500 power pack (at 2,500 Ws), the maximum recommended usage rate is 12 shots per minute (1 shot per 5 seconds on a continuous basis). With the Zeus™ Z1250 power pack (at 1,250 Ws), the maximum recommended usage rate is 24 shots per minute (1 shot per 2.5 seconds on a continuous basis).

See Expected Output
Power Packs: The Zeus™ system is a pack-and-head system. The ZRM1 head requires a power pack (either the Z1250 or Z2500) for use. Note: The required power packs are not to be confused with portable battery packs; the head cannot be plugged directly into the Vagabond™ or Vagabond Mini™ system.

Light Stands: The universal mounting bracket includes a standard Paul C. Buff™ light stand mounting block, compatible with most standard light stands having top couplers up to 5/8-inch. The ringflash may all be used on our Paul C. Buff™ LS1100, LS3050, LS3900 and TS13AC light stands as well as our MBA Baby Boomer™.

Tripods: The universal mounting bracket also includes a 1/4-20 threaded socket for use on standard tripods.

PLM and Umbrellas: The ringflash head arrives with an off-camera umbrella adapter fitting standard umbrella poles up to 3/8-inch in diameter. The head may be used will all current (the PLM system) and retired Paul C. Buff™ umbrellas. When using an umbrella (with the umbrella adapter), the ringflash head may not be used in aim-through mode as the adapter fills the center hole space. Note: the 86” PLM™ umbrellas are NOT recommended for use with the ZRM1.

Moon Unit™ Systems: The ringflash head is designed for use with both the MU30 30-inch Moon Unit™ and MU56 56-inch Moon Unit™, with all associated Moon Unit™ accessories, in all possible configurations (both aim-through and off-camera).

Softboxes and Octaboxes: The ringflash head is not compatible with any standard softboxes or octaboxes. For softbox-style lighting, please see the Moon Unit™ System.

Reflectors: The only reflector that is compatible with the ringflash head is the 10-inch ring reflector supplied with the unit. The ABRHG20 20º grid fits inside this reflector. No other Paul C. Buff™ reflectors or grids may be used.

Gels and Filters: The ABRW/DF6 set of six warming and diffusion filters are designed for use with the ringflash, held in place by the raised center retaining lip positioned along the inside ring of the diffuser. Our standard gels and filters (CF6, CF20, WF6, UV6, DF6 and ND6) will not cover the face of the unit.

Travel Gear: One Zeus™ ringflash head can be carried in our ABRBAG AlienBees™ Ringflash carrying bag (with the diffuser, reflector, cords, mounting block and room for other small accessories). The ringflash head may also be carried along with various Moon Unit™ setups in the MUBAG Moon Unit™ Carrying Bag.

Replacing ZRM1 Components: For future replacement needs, each ringflash head arrives with two half-circle RMFT12MM flashtubes. These are user-replaceable tubes that may be purchased and replaced individually or as a pair, arriving with instructions for replacement. The unit also arrives with a set of eight 20W modeling lamps, also user-replaceable and sold as a replacement set. Other flashtubes and modeling lamps may not be substituted.

Camera / Lens Compatibility: The ZRM1 head accommodates most popular professional and semi-professional cameras available, accommodating lenses that measure up to 4 inches in diameter (as the center hole measures 4 inches in diameter). The head / camera mounting block mounts cameras with a 1” to 4.75” distance from the lens center to the camera base.

Dyna-Lite Power Packs: The ZRM1, Z2500SH and Z2500BTH are pin for pin and voltage for voltage compatible with the Dyna-Lite M2000 series power packs. While we will warranty the Zeus™ flash heads when used with these power packs, we cannot make any warranty regarding the Dyna-Lite power packs under these or other uses.

For additional questions about Zeus™ compatibility, please contact our customer service team.