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22” Silver High Output Beauty Dish

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The 22” High Output Silver Beauty Dish creates a bright, crisp light source with more contrast than the white. When used close to the subject, the narrow beam spread allows for a more selective area of coverage. With about six times the efficiency of the white beauty dish, the silver beauty dish can be used to light subjects from greater distances, even with low power flash units. Not only is it popular for studio work, it is a favorite for taking outdoors. The increased output helps in bright sun conditions, while its low profile will not catch wind like an umbrella. (Not compatible with Celestial Flash Units.)

Highly efficient source for bright output
Narrow beam spread allows light to be thrown at a distance retaining a high output
Can be used with or without direct light blocker
Recessed outer lip holds 22” grids (sold separately)
Produces more specularity than the white beauty dish
Arrives With
(1) Triple-layer diffusion sock
(1) Direct light blocker
22" Silver High Output Beauty Dish Instructions
30-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
1-Year Factory Warranty

Shipping Notice

FedEx considers the 22" High Output Beauty Dish to be an “oversized” item. This results in an increase in shipping charges. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Product Video

Product Specs

  Dimensions Beam Spread Coverage Calculation (without sock)
22HOBD 22 in. (diameter) x 6 in. (depth) / 2.4 lbs. 45° without single layer diffusion sock / 150° with triple layer diffusion sock 0.83 x distance of flash from subject = diameter of coverage on subject

Expected Output

  at 10 ft at 5 ft. Guide Number
X3200 f45 +4/10 f90 +4/10 520
E640 / B1600 / X1600 f32 +4/10 f64 +4/10 368
DB800 / B800 / X800 f22 +4/10 f45 +4/10 260
DB400 / B400 f16 +4/10 f32 +4/10 184


*Note that the above readings are taken without the diffusion sock. With the diffusion sock in place the flash output will be about 3 stops lower.


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