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30” Moon Unit™ Mask Set (set of 12)

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Alter the shape of the light from the ringflash to become a giant ring, a cluster of stars, half-moons, a sunburst, clouds and a host of other shapes including your own custom creations. The masks will reduce the total amount of light from the Moon Unit™. However, the closer the light source is to the model, the more pronounced the modeling effect will be, creating larger catchlights. As the mask set is not a highly durable product, you will need to handle and store the masks with care so that they are not ripped or damaged.

*The 30" Moon Unit is NOT included.

Create unique catchlights in the eyes
Various masks and blank to create your own
Arrives With
(1) Star Mask
(1) Classic Ring Mask
(1) Ring of Stars Mask
(1) Half Moon Mask
(1) Moon and Stars Mask
(1) Clouds Mask
(1) Sunburst Mask
(4) Blank Masks
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