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7” Umbrella Reflector

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The 7" Umbrella Reflector fits around the flashtube and modeling lamp on the front faceplate of all standard Paul C. Buff, Inc. flash units.  The wide-angle reflector directs all of the light directly out front, blocking any undesired side spill.  The reflector additionally has an umbrella hole for use with our PLM™ Umbrellas and various brands of umbrellas and brolly boxes.  When used with umbrellas, the reflector directs all light into the umbrella, eliminating side spill. 

Wide-angle bright silver reflector
Directs all light to the front
Blocks undesired side light spill
Umbrella hole (supports up to 9.5mm shafts)
Arrives With
30-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
1-Year Factory Warranty