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Buff Ambassador - Audra Oden


From a small east Texas town now living the city life in Houston with my husband, a weenie dog and an Italian Greyhound that we rescued. When we aren’t working on our own businesses (he owns The Shop Houston) we play soccer, golf, workout, eat sushi, or catch movies at the theater conveniently across the street. Sometimes all of the above back to back!

I am an incredible listener, a bit of a dreamer, but also a doer, extremely competitive, have a good sense of humor, easily adaptable, an enabler of good things, easy going, love to travel as well as being outdoors. I often get caught in the grocery store with someone telling me their entire life story.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, as well as a professional certification in photography. I wanted to be in the medical field because of my fascination with gross and disturbing things but decided to embrace my artistic side instead.

I have been a professional photographer since 2006 and haven’t stopped learning or growing. I specialize in fitness photography, branding, and glamour photography. My work has been featured in multiple publications, magazines, articles, and press both nationally, and internationally. Sometimes I can’t believe this is my real job! I enjoy every bit of it, even the 80+ hour work weeks because it’s my business and my love.

"The very first strobes I ever owned were a couple of hot pink AlienBees. I was just beginning my career so didn't have much money to spend, but invested in the strobes, 2 light stands, and a beauty dish. Paul C. Buff had affordable solutions for lighting, and that is what drew me in at first. Once I started working with the lights and modifiers, I realized how easy they were to use and the quality of light was great! I was able to get exactly the kind of images I wanted. I started collecting more and more lights and modifiers, and checked the Paul C. Buff website every month to see what else I could get with my paychecks! Where most young professionals would spend money on shoes and clothes, I spent mine on photo gear! (And still do!)"






Einstein™ Flash Unit

AlienBees™ B1600 Flash Unit

AlienBees™ B800 Flash Unit 

22" White High Output Beauty Dish

47" Foldable Octabox

7" Standard Reflector

Color Gels (Set of 20)

14" x 60" Foldable Stripbox

Vagabond Mini™  Lithium