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Buff Ambassador - Rachel Neville


Rachel Neville is a New York City-based dance and movement photographer, that creates unique, powerful, transformative visuals for dance companies and editorial publications that are designed to stop viewers, captivate their imagination and bring them into the theatre.

A multi-talented artist who utilizes the medium of photography, Rachel is a former dancer and teacher. Her images are informed as much from her dance history as they are from her innate creative vision and her clients visual needs.

Rachel has spent many years shooting dance for a variety of clients including Boston Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem, 10 Hairy Legs, and Grishko, and she has deliberately and consciously chosen to perfect a visual style that translates the power and emotion of motion into still images.

Her latest collection contains bold, dynamic illustrations that evoke conceptual and narrative based themes that are often expressed in the world of dance.

Described by clients as “unique”, “evocative”, “timeless “and “mysterious”, Rachel’s images reach out and grab the attention of the viewer taking them into a visual world where dance imagery combine.

Choosing to work closely with her clients (dance companies, publications, and individual dancers) Rachel develops individualized concepts for each project and executes them flawlessly.

Whether she is initiating a project for a dance company's season, fundraising campaign or for advertising efforts, her clients goals and their visual brand always lead the way.

"There's a lot more involved in good dance photography than almost any other genre.  I've worked in weddings, portraiture, fitness and various forms of commercial photography. When I focused on my passion for shooting dance after my kids were born, I realized that my skills in all those areas (in addition to my being a former dancer) were needed. When you are guiding and directing every tiny detail of a dancer or dance companies shoot, from the concept and production to the dancers' technique and energy, the last thing you want to worry about is your lights. 

Paul C. Buff's Einstein's offer me consistency in both color and output, they are lightweight and easy to handle, great for both on location and in the studio. But there is one key feature that is crucial to a dance photographer: their excellent T.1 values. 

For years I struggled with many other strobes. I just wasn't able to figure out why, no matter what I tried, I was still getting softening in the hands, hair, and feet of my dancers when they were jumping. One day, as I was googling the topic for the umpteenth time, I came across a link to an article that PCB has on their website talking about T.1 values. Light bulbs went off, I ordered up my first 4 lights and I've never gone back. They are reliable, workhorse lights that keep going and going."

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Einstein™ Flash Unit

22" Silver High Output Beauty Dish

11" Long Throw Reflector

30° Grid for 11" Long Throw Reflector