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LINK Battery

SKU: 2010150
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Rechargeable lithium battery for the LINK flash unit.
*ONLY for use with the LINK flash unit and LINK battery charger.

LINK Battery FAQs

**As of 3/26/21, ALL batteries are no longer eligible for the 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Items no longer eligible include: 2010150LINK-KITN and LINK-KITC (Battery Only), VMBA8.6AVM120 (Battery Only). For additional information please visit our Returns page.

**Lithium batteries are not eligible for return whether they are usable or defective, as batteries are considered dangerous material and cannot be accepted as a return.
28.8V, 2.5A, 72Wh rechargeable lithium battery
Built-in battery fuel gauge
Dimensions: 4.25" (l) x 2.25" (h) x 3.125" (w)
Weight: 1.4 lbs.
Battery is under 100wh and is safe for carry-on travel (always check with your airline).
Arrives With
60-Day Warranty (Applies only to factory defects)

**Please note that if the battery sits fully discharged for a significant amount of time and the voltage goes too low, it will not be able to charge.

Best Practices

  LINK Battery Best Practices
Battery Discharge Remove the battery from the LINK when not in use to reduce battery discharge.
When installed and not in use, the battery will lose 1-2% capacity per day.
Fully Depleted Do not leave the battery in a discharged state for long periods of time.
Damage can occur over time to fully depleted lithium batteries, and the charger will not charge the battery if it does not detect voltage.
Long Term Storage Keep the battery at approximately 60% remaining capacity (3 LEDs on the back of the battery)
Extreme Cold When operating in extreme cold, battery performance will be degredated.


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