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LINK Firmware Update


Current Version Date
v1.8.151 March 9, 2021

The 'v1.8.151' firmware updates from 'v1.8.150' firmware:

  • Improved consistency of HSS trigger delay. End result is more consistent picture to picture timing, reducing the possibility of banding.
  • Stopped decoding RF data on channels outside of the CyberSync range.
    Prior to this, if the LINK saw data on a channel greater than 16, it would stop functioning normally and flash the back panel LEDs.
  • Decreased sensitivity of the temperature monitors to filter out under-temperature false alarms.

Do I need an update? How do I know which version I have?
When your LINK flash unit is connected to the app, you are able to view it's current firmware version in the 'flash card' for that particular unit. If you can’t find it, call us and we’ll help determine your version.



- HUB Remote
- Paul C. Buff, Inc. App (for iOS and Android)

LINK Firmware History

The firmware 'v1.8.151' update includes ALL PREVIOUS UPDATES that have been released.


  • Added factory reset function. With the unit powered on, press and hold power and test flash button for 10 seconds to restore the factory settings
  • Decreased the amount of time between powering the unit up and when it is ready to begin flashing
  • Decreased the size of the firmware download
  • Released 3/2/2 


  • Initial Release (2/23/2021)

NOTE: Downgrading to a previous version of firmware is NOT possible.