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LINK Firmware Update


Current Version Date
001.009.104 March 03, 2022

LINK v001.009.004 Release Notes:

  1. Fixed bug where LINK would fire from CyberCommander when not in the selected group.
  2. Fixed bug where the LINK would turn on with a blank screen in error mode if left off for several days while on battery power.
  3. TTL is now set to default OFF and only turns on when prompted by the HUB via the “TTL OR MAN” menu or by sending a TTL flash from HUB to LINK.

Do I need an update? How do I know which version I have?
When your LINK flash unit is connected to the app, you are able to view it's current firmware version in the 'flash card' for that particular unit. If you can’t find it, call us and we’ll help determine your version.



- HUB Remote
- Paul C. Buff, Inc. App (for iOS and Android)

LINK Firmware History

The firmware 'v1.8.161' update includes ALL PREVIOUS UPDATES that have been released.

v001.009.102 (Released 12/02/21)

  • TTL is now available for both the Canon and Nikon cameras in our compatibility list.
  • "TTL" will be displayed on the LINK when it is turned on by its paired HUB. If the HUB and LINK do not match, please cycle through the "MAN or TTL" menu on the HUB. 
  • Note: A corresponding HUB is required. The HUB must also be updated to ESP Firmware: 002.002.007 & ST Firmware: 002.004.014 (or later)

v001.009.101 (Released 9/21/21):

  • Flash timing consistency improved for all flash modes
  • LINK no longer changes flash power level when changing to/from HSS
  • HSS flashes improved for more consistent output across all power levels
  • Decreased the amount of time between powering the unit up and when it is ready to begin flashing (if the user disconnects AC power without turning off the LINK, it will still default to the 5s turn-on time when AC power is reconnected)
  • The fan now runs for 45s instead of 60s after powering off the LINK

v1.8.157 (Released 6/20/21):

  • Fixed bug where battery level on back panel would only update when user navigated off of the main screen
  • Updated HSS tables for more uniform illumination across the frame.
    Prior to this, several Nikon cameras would see a bright horizontal band at the start of the frame when using HSS in darker settings.

v1.8.156 (Released 5/20/21):

  • Corrected a problem that some users experienced where they were unable to power their LINK using AC power after removing AC power via pulling the cord or shutting off a power strip switch, as opposed to turning off the unit with the power button. The unit would still power correctly via the battery.
  • Improved the connection reliability between the LINK and HUB during firmware updates
  • Turned off LED model lamp during firmware updates

v1.8.153 (Released 4/13/21):

  • Corrected bug in radio code that prevented the radio from turning off the flash circuit
  • Corrected error that could prevent the LINK from powering on when power was reapplied after turning off due to loss of AC power

v1.8.151 (Released 3/9/21):

  • Improved consistency of HSS trigger delay. End result is more consistent picture to picture timing, reducing the possibility of banding.
  • Stopped decoding RF data on channels outside of the CyberSync range.
    Prior to this, if the LINK saw data on a channel greater than 16, it would stop functioning normally and flash the back panel LEDs.
  • Decreased sensitivity of the temperature monitors to filter out under-temperature false alarms.

v1.8.150 (Released 3/4/21):

  • Added factory reset function. With the unit powered on, press and hold power and test flash button for 10 seconds to restore the factory settings
  • Decreased the amount of time between powering the unit up and when it is ready to begin flashing
  • Decreased the size of the firmware download
  • Released 3/2/2 


  • Initial Release (2/23/2021)

NOTE: Downgrading to a previous version of firmware is NOT possible.