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LINK Kit w/ Canon HUB


The LINK Kit w/ CANON HUB Remote allows you to take your studio anywhere with the power and portability of the LINK and the included battery and charger.
Purchasing these items as a kit provides a savings of over $130.00!

**As of 3/26/21, ALL batteries are no longer eligible for the 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Items no longer eligible include: 2010150LINK-KITN and LINK-KITC (Battery Only), VMBA8.6AVM120 (Battery Only). For additional information please visit our Returns page.


LINK Flash Unit FAQs


The LINK Flash Unit features HSS and TTL flash capabilities, a built-in receiver, an 800W equivalent daylight balanced modeling light (great for video and continuous work), and an optional detachable battery with over 250 full power flashes on a single charge. The HSS and TTL (coming soon) capabilities are controlled by the HUB remote (included in this kit for Canon).

The LINK Battery is a rechargeable 28.8V, 2.5A, 72Wh lithium battery with a built-in battery fuel gauge. It can ONLY be used with the LINK Flash Unit and the LINK Battery Charger.

The LINK Battery Charger can consecutively charge up to (2) LINK batteries at a time and features indicator lights to show battery charge status. It can ONLY be used with the LINK800WS battery

The HUB remote for CANON mounts onto your camera's hot shoe to provide wireless firing, communicates HSS and TTL (coming soon) information, and is a direct connection to the Paul C. Buff, Inc. App.

**Please note that if the items below are purchased separately there is no bundled discount.**

Package Includes
(1) LINK 800WS Flash Unit
(1) HUB remote for Canon
(1) LINK Battery
(1) LINK Battery Charger

Product Video

Dimensions / Technical Specs

  The HUB Remote for Canon
Dimensions 3.4 in. (length) x 2.45 in. (width) x 1.5 in.(height)
Display Information 1.75 in. (width) x 0.5 in. (height) | OLED
Weight 4oz.
System Frequency Range 16 frequencies | 2.4GHz (Bluetooth and Cybersync protocols)
System Latency 1/4000 typical delay from closing of camera contact to receiver sync output signal
Battery Life 12+ hours continuous use with Bluetooth enabled
Battery Specifications 5.18Wh Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Battery Charge Time ~2 hours via USB-C
Supported Cameras

1DX5DMkIii, RebelT4i, 70D, 6D, RebelSl1, 7DMkIi, 5Ds, 1DxMkIi, 1DxMkIii, 80D, 
90D, 5DMkIv, 77D, 6DMkIi, EOS, RebelSl3, R5, R6 (Additional cameras to be added)