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20° Grid for the 18” OMNI™ Reflector

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Our 20° grid for the 18” OMNI™ Reflector can be used directly on the reflector, with or without the diffusion sock in place. The grid and reflector are ideal for achieving the high output, Hollywood-style, selective lighting, with superior spill control and isolation. For close-up mood lighting, place the grid over the triple layer diffusion sock to further reduce the output. Achieve high fall-off, high contrast, and low key lighting effects. The grid reduces the light output another 2/3f stop, allowing even closer placement at wide-open apertures.

Narrows the beam spread from 30° to 20°
Snaps inside the reflector's recessed outer lip
Can be used with or without the 18” OMNI™ Reflectors included diffusion sock
Arrives With
30-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
1-Year Factory Warranty

Product Specs

  Compatible Reflector Beam Spread with Grid Coverage at 1 ft. Distance Coverage at 5 ft. Distance Coverage at 10 ft. Distance
18HG20 OMNI18R 20° 23" 36" 59"

Expected Output

  at 10 ft at 5 ft.
X3200 f32 +6/10 | f11 +3/10 (w/diffusion sock) f64 +6/10 | f22 +3/10 (w/diffusion sock)
E640 / B1600 / X1600 f22 +6/10 | f8 +3/10 (w/diffusion sock) f45 +6/10 | f16 +3/10 (w/diffusion sock)
DB800 / B800 / X800 f16 +6/10 | f5.6 +3/10 (w/diffusion sock) f32 +6/10 | f11 +3/10 (w/diffusion sock)
DB400 / B400 f11 +6/10 | f4 +3/10 (w/diffusion sock) f22 +6/10 | f8 +3/10 (w/diffusion sock)

*For the 18" Reflector with 20° grid (ISO 100 / Full power setting on flash unit)


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