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5-In-1 Circular Reflector Kit

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The 5-in-1 Circular Reflector Kit offers the versatility of five different panels for unique lighting effects, all in a simple and combined set. The fabric panels zip and unzip to quickly change the reflector for various needs. The 5-in-1 Circular Reflector Kit contains a 42” diameter translucent white panel with a flexible framed edge. One side of the reversible sleeve features black and gold panels, while the alternate side features white and silver. The 5-in-1 design takes up less space in your studio and makes the set convenient for use on location shoots.


5 Distinct Panels: Gold, Silver, White, Black, Translucent
Gold - Bounces light from another flash or from the sun to provide a warm glow of fill light
Silver - Bounces light from another flash or from the sun to provide a high contrast fill
White - Bounces light from another flash or from the sun and creates a very natural fill with a bright output
Black - Absorbs all light it receives, not allowing any reflection. This panel is ideal for catching ambient light, sunlight, or window light in your shoot, minimizing unattractive hot spots and highlights
Translucent - Ideal for minimizing shadows and softening a light’s output. It is placed between the subject and the light source (another flash, over a window where the sun is shining through, etc.)
Flexible shape can be positioned flat or curved
Complete kit zips into compact bag (included)
Arrives With
(1) 5-in-1 Reflector
(1) Compact carrying bag
5-in-1 Circular Reflector Kit Instructions
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Product Specs

Dimensions 42 in. - Open (diameter circle) / 16 in. Collapsed - (diameter circle)