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PLM White Front Diffusion Fabric

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The White Front Diffusion Fabric is available in 51”, 64”, and 86” for the corresponding size PLM™ umbrellas - for use with both the Soft Silver PLM™ and White PLM™ umbrellas. When used with the Soft Silver PLM™, the beam spread is widened and it becomes a superior bounced-light octabox with very even light across the surface. When used with the White PLM™, it produces a very soft, wide-angle bounced light source. The white fabric fits over the face of the open umbrella and has a center hole opening for the flash unit (with a drawstring to tighten around the face of the flash unit).


For use with: 51”, 64” and 86” White PLM™ umbrellas
For use with: 64” and 86” Soft Silver PLM™ umbrellas
Center hole opening for flash unit
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