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Color Gels (set of 20)

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The color gels will add drama and dimension to your scene.

Dimensions: 8" x 10"
Physically changes the color output of the light
Used to add color to a scene for special effects
Can be used to create a colored backdrop
Used with LiteMod™ system or can be clipped to 7” standard reflector
Arrives With
(1) Yellow Gel | (1) Deep Amber Gel
(1) Orange Gel | (1) Light Rose
(1) Dark Pink Gel | (1) Magenta Gel
(1) Blue/Green Gel | (1) Light Blue Gel
(1) Dark Blue Gel | (1) Mauve Gel
(1) Bright Pink Gel | (1) Pale Lavender Gel
(1) Pale Green Gel | (1) Primary Green Gel
(1) Pale Violet Gel | (1) Primary Gold Gel
(1) Chocolate Gel | (1) Dark Blue Steel Gel
(1) Light Red Gel | (1) Cosmetic Highlight Gel
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