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Mini Boom Arm / Offset Arm



The Baby Boomer™ mini boom arm attaches to the top of your heavy-duty light stand. Allowing for both offset mounting and extension of your flash unit a full 8" out from the top of the stand mount. Whereas standard, upright mounting gives only a few degrees of adjustment, the Baby Boomer™ provides clearance from the stand so that your flash unit and accessories can be angled and tilted over a much broader range.

Please note this will not allow for a further tilt when combining the Beauty Dish with either an AlienBees™ or DigiBee. 

Offset mounting arm for positioning flexibility
Extends mounting out from the top of the stand
Provides clearance for angling and tilting lights
For use with 13ACLS and 10ACLS light stands
Arrives With
60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
1-Year Factory Warranty