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**Paul C Buff will be closed on Labor Day, September 4th, 2017.
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foldable softbox stand mount adapter
Foldable Softbox Stand Mount Adapter

Mount your Paul C. Buff, Inc. foldable softbox directly to a heavy duty light stand.

Was: $69.95
Now: $49.95
On Sale
13' Heavy Duty Stand

Holds up to 25 lbs.

Was: $44.95
Now: $34.95
On Sale
10' General Purpose Stand

Holds up to 10 lbs.

25 W Lamp - Einstein™

25 W, 100 Volt Modeling Lamp

150 W Modeling Lamp - Einstein

150 W, 120 Volt Modeling Lamp

Was: $4.95
Now: $2.95
On Sale
2 pc. Sync Hardwire Kit

Short PC to PC cord connects the hub to your camera, or hot shoe adapter.

30 inch moon unit mask set
30” Moon Unit™ Mask Set (set of 12)

Paper masks for the 30" Moon Unit™.

Was: $39.95
Now: $9.95
On Sale
56 inch moon unit non-aim-through reflector
56” Moon Unit™ Non-Aim Through Reflector

Non-aim-through reflector for the 56” Moon Unit™.

56 inch moon unit secondary diffuser
56” Moon Unit™ Secondary Diffuser

Secondary diffuser for the 56" Moon Unit™.

39 inch square diffusion fabric with no hole
39” Square Diffusion Fabric (no hole)

39" front diffusion fabric for the 56" Moon Unit™.

39 inch square window pane diffusion panel
39” Square Window Pane Diffusion Fabric (no hole)

39" square window pane diffusion fabric for the 56" Moon Unit™.

set of 10 replacement rods for the 56 inch moon unit
Rods for 56” Moon Unit™ (set of 10)

Fiberglass replacement rods.

56 inch moon unit black nylon pouch
56” Moon Unit™ Nylon Pouch

Nylon carrying pouch for the 56” Moon Unit™.

56 inch moon unit silver and white reversible outer fabric
56” Moon Unit™ Silver/White Reversible Outer Fabric

Replacement outside fabric.