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> Light Modifiers > Snoot, Barndoors and Gels

Unit Mainframe
LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe

Modify, angle, direct and filter
your light with the heart
of the LiteMod™ system.

LiteMod™ Snoot

Narrows light into a small beam spot.

LiteMod™ Barndoors

Throw the light in the direction of your choice.

Set of 6 Gel Holders
LiteMod™ Gel Holders (set of 6)

Hold Gels and Filters
in the Mainframe.

Set of 6 Color Gels
Color Gels (set of 6)

Add drama to your scene.

Set of 20 Color Gels
Color Gels (set of 20)

Add drama to your scene
in 20 different colors.

Neutral Density Filters
Neutral Density Filters (set of 6)

Reduces the overall
light level without
changing the setup.

Set of 6 UV filters
UV Filters (set of 6)

Reduces the ultraviolet
output of flash units.

Set of 6 Diffusion Filters
Diffusion Filters (set of 6)

Diffuse light and reduce specularity.

AlienBees Ringflash Filter Set
Warming and Diffusion Filters (set of 6) for ABR800

Warm colors or diffuse light
from your AlienBees™ Ringflash.

Bulldog Clips (set of 12)

Metal bulldog clips.