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Outdoor Kit



Capture action anywhere. Our Outdoor Kit makes for the perfect grab-and-go setup for the traveling photographer. This quick and uncomplicated setup provides flexibility for different outdoor terrains.


The power range of the Einstein™ E640 flash unit is perfect for overpowering the sun or supplying a little fill light on your subject. Providing consistent color output for your color critical work with accuracy and repeatability within 0.10 f-stop, shot after shot. The CyberSync™ wireless trigger transmitter combined with the CyberSync™ wireless transceiver allows for wireless triggering up to 350 ft., so no need for cords to connect your camera to your flash!

The 13' general purpose air-cushioned light stand has a wide footprint to support the Einstein™ with the 22” silver high output beauty dish attached to the mini boom offset arm. The offset arm allows for a greater range of tilt for positioning the beauty dish without the light stand interfering.

The low profile and metal construction of the 22” silver high output beauty dish provides stability when shooting outdoors. The output of light is increased by the silver sheen and can obtain a wider beam spread with the addition of the provided white diffusion sock.

Don’t worry about finding reliable AC power, the Vagabond Mini™ portable power unit is included. Mount the battery system to your 13' Air-Cushioned Light Stand using the Vagabond Mini™ Bracket Set, plug in your flash unit, and you’re ready to go!

The included carrying bags accommodate all items for storage or taking your kit on the go!

Package Includes
(1) Einstein™ Flash Units
(1) 13' Air-Cushioned Light Stand
(1) Mini Boom Arm / Offset Arm
(1) 22" Silver High Output Beauty Dish
(1) CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter 2
(1) CyberSync™ Transceiver
(1) Vagabond Mini™ Lithium
(1) Vagabond Mini™ Bracket and Clamp Set
(1) Paul C. Buff, Inc. Single Light Carrying Bag
(1) 48" Light Stand Carrying Bag
(1) 22" Beauty Dish Carrying Bag
(1) Vagabond Mini™ Carrying Bag

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