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Reflectors are essential modifiers for your flash unit. They differ from a softbox or umbrella by creating a harder light, with a more distinctive fall off. Numerous lighting effects are possible with reflectors ranging from direct focused light, to a broader, more even light spread across your subject. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to best fit your needs.
Beauty Dishes are a great alternative to a softbox or octabox for portrait lighting. The lighting cast from a beauty dish is slightly harder, enhancing and defining facial features, making them perfect for close-up portrait work and beauty photography. The unique design of our beauty dishes maximizes the efficiency of the flash units, providing both a gorgeous and powerful light source.
5-in-1 Reflector Kit provides the versatility of five different reflector panels for unique lighting effects - all offered together in a simple, combined set, that is ideal for travel and takes up less space in your studio.
7 inch umbrella reflector
7" Umbrella Reflector
Wide-angle bright silver reflector directs all light to the front and blocks undesired side light spill.
7 inch standard reflector front
7” Standard Reflector

Create a bright and directed throw of light.

8.5 inch high output reflector
8.5” High Output Reflector

Produces a 45° beam spread and is an excellent choice for general-purpose lighting.

11 inch long throw reflector
11" Long Throw Reflector

Illuminate subjects over great distances with high intensity.

OMNI reflector
18” OMNI™ Reflector

Multi-purpose modifier.

Was: $79.95
Now: $49.95
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white shovel background reflector
White Shovel Background Reflector

Blocks light from subject and lens.

10 inch ringflash reflector
10” Ringflash Reflector

Wide angle, flat field reflector for the AlienBees™ Ringflash.

22 inch silver high output beauty dish
22” Silver High Output Beauty Dish

Creates a bright, crisp light source with added contrast.

22 white high output beauty dish
22” White High Output Beauty Dish

Creates a bright, crisp light source with a softer finish.

5 in 1 circular reflector kit
5-In-1 Circular Reflector Kit

Offers the versatility of five different panels for unique lighting effects.