Vagabond Mini Bracket and Buff Clamp Set Vagabond Mini Bracket and Buff Clamp Set Vagabond Mini Bracket and Buff Clamp Set Vagabond Mini Bracket and Buff Clamp Set
Vagabond Mini Bracket and Buff Clamp Set
Part Number: VMBRKT-SET
Price: $29.95

  • optional mounting bracket upgrade for the Vagabond Mini Lithium offering heavy-duty, versatile mounting capabilities
  • secure mounting for the Vagabond Mini system to light stands, boom arms, and more
  • includes the VMINIBRKT Vagabond Mini Mounting Bracket
  • includes the BUFFCLAMP universal clamp
  • attaches to the Vagabond Mini in place of the system's existing mounting clamp
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty
The Vagabond Mini Bracket and Clamp Set is an heavy-duty mounting option for your Vagabond Mini Portable Power System. Offered as an optional upgrade to the existing clamp system on the Vagabond Mini unit, this bracket and clamp set offers a sturdier mount and accommodates various mounting surfaces.

The Vagabond Mini Bracket and Clamp Set includes the custom-made VMINIBRKT Vagabond Mini Stand Mount Bracket along with the BUFFCLAMP adjustable heavy-duty clamp. The bracket attaches to your Vagabond Mini™ Lithium system, fitting inside the two slots on either side of the unit's control panel where the carrying strap attaches. The position is secured with the supplied, threaded screw, tightening into the tripod mount on the base of the Vagabond Mini unit. The bracket includes slits on each end, allowing you to reinstall the carrying strap (if desired) after the bracket is securely attached. For mounting, the Vagabond Mini and Bracket is then attached to the BUFFCLAMP using the mounting stud on the bracket. With the bracket and clamp attached, you can mount your Vagabond Mini system to most standard light stands or boom arms, adjusting to accommodate different pole widths.

  • the metal VMINIBRKT Vagabond Mini bracket
  • a 1/4”-20 threaded screw for attachment to the Vagabond Mini housing
  • the BUFFCLAMP clamp
  • user instructions

Vagabond Systems: The VMBRKT-SET Vagabond Mini Bracket and Clamp Set is designed for use with our Vagabond Mini Lithium system exclusively. It is NOT compatible with our VLX Vagabond Lithium Extreme System or with other retired Vagabond systems.

Light Stands: When using the bracket and clamp set, the Vagabond Mini can be mounted to the base of any 13-foot, 10-foot, boom, or back-light light stands (or equivalent heavy duty stands from other manufacturers). Always expand the footprint of your light stand for maximum stability.