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HUB Firmware Updates


Current Version Date
ESP 003.001.003 / ST 003.001.006 May 8, 2024
  • Fix bug where Canon 90D would toggle rapidly between HSS and XSync
  • Added a power recycle after the “RESET” function sets the HUB back to its factory defaults.

Do I need an update? How do I know which version I have?
When your HUB remote is connected to the app, you are able to view it's current firmware version under the HUB tab. The firmware can also be found directly on the HUB in its menu system. If you can’t find it, call us and we’ll help determine your version.



- HUB Remote
- Paul C. Buff, Inc. App (for iOS and Android)

HUB Remote Firmware History

The firmware ESP 003.001.003 / ST 003.001.006 update includes ALL PREVIOUS UPDATES that have been released.

ST 003.001.002 / ESP 003.001.001 Initial Release (04/02/2024)

  • With this update, Sony HUBs can be used for HSS, TTL, and manual exposures.
  • The Sony topshoe will trigger a speedlight in manual mode.
  • Factory Reset now available. Scroll to the About Menu. Scroll to the end until “RESET” appears. Press in on the encoder wheel. The HUB has been restored to factory defaults, return to the main menu.
  • CPT mode has been removed from the Nikon and Sony systems since it is a Canon-only feature that allows triggering of non-Canon bodies.
  • Improved reliability of HSS toggling to the remote flash unit.

ST 002.007.001 / ESP 002.004.004 Initial Release (10/31/2023)

  • This update improves the reliability of flash unit firmware updates while maintaining the improved speed from ESP v002.004.003.

ST 002.007.001 / ESP 002.004.003 Initial Release (08/07/2023)

  • This update makes future LINK/Celestial updates up to two times faster.
  • Note: The HUB must be on ESP v002.004.003 before upgrading LINK firmware beyond 001.012.101 and Celestial firmware beyond 001.004.101

ST 002.007.001 / ESP 002.004.001 Initial Release (04/13/2023)

  • Improved TTL performance on both Nikon and Canon systems.
  • Reduced the number of times where HUB screen is distorted on power on. If the HUB enters this state, a power toggle via the power button will fix it.
  • Reduced firmware update time by a few minutes.
  • Added support for Canon R3 and R6 Mk II.
  • Improved support for Canon 1Dx MkIII, EOS R, and EOS RP and Nikon Z9.

ST 002.005.008 / ESP 002.002.008 Initial Release (02/01/2023)

ST v002.006.003

    • Fix bug where Nikon TTL flash exposure compensation offsets were shifting the power level in the wrong direction on the flash unit
    • This adds a lightning bolt icon when you trigger the HUB from a camera (the ESP update is also required for this)
  • ESP v002.003.006
    • Test flash from app can now trigger connected flash units
    • Lightning bolt icon when HUB triggered from camera (the ST update is also required for this)
    • Low battery status indicator of battery powered flash units on app
    • Center Pin Trigger (CPT) saves state on shutdown/reboot
    • Fixed issue where connected lights would flash when during a HUB ST firmware update
    • Fixed bug where toggling flash unit power in the app could drop a flash unit out of HSS

ST 002.005.008 / ESP 002.002.008

  • Initial Release (10/28/2022)
  • Fixes bug in Canon HUB communication with camera that could cause some Canon models to switch settings.

ST 002.005.007 / ESP 002.002.008

  • Initial Release (06/29/2022)
  • Canon topshoe communication with external speedlight is now working with TTL.
  • The “TTL OR MAN” now has menu options TTL/MAN instead of ON/OFF

ST 002.005.005 / ESP 002.002.008

  • Canon topshoe communication with external speedlight is now working with TTL.
  • The “TTL OR MAN” now has menu options TTL/MAN instead of ON/OFF


  • Initial Release (12/02/2021)
  • TTL is now available for both Canon and Nikon.
  • To use TTL with your LINK, set the "TTL OR MAN" menu to TTL. If the LINK and HUB are not both displaying TTL, please cycle through the "MAN or TTL" menu on the HUB. 
  • A new menu option on the HUB can be found called “CTR PIN TRG”. By turning this on, you can use non-matching camera/HUB. For example, you can use a Canon HUB with a Nikon, Fujiflim, or Sony camera. The HUB will simply trigger a flash on your flash unit, but will not have TTL or HSS capabilities.
  • When charging, the battery icon will charge up until full.
  • Updating the frequency of your HUB in the BUFF Android or iPhone app will update the display on the HUB itself.
  • Nikon top hotshoe is fully functional – meaning a Nikon speedlight can use TTL when mounted to the HUB. A Canon speedlight will trigger, but TTL is not available.


  • Initial Release (9/10/2021)
  • Fixed an issue where a flash mounted on top of the Canon Hub would pulse multiple times when the shutter button was partially depressed
  • Fixed delay in sync jack trigger that could cause the flash to fire too late
  • Fixed issue where sync jack could fail to trigger


  • Initial Release (5/20/2021)
  • Improved the connection reliability between the Link and Hub during firmware updates 


  • Initial Release (2/23/2021)

NOTE: Downgrading to a previous version of firmware is NOT possible.